It was only in 2019 that the global fitness industry was valued at nearly $100 billion. Driven by people’s growing urge to stay fit, look good and lead a healthy lifestyle, it has continued to experience incremental success in recent years. Gyms and fitness centers continue to foster a sense of community among the health enthusiasts, giving them the perfect environment to accomplish their fitness goals. 

But come the winter of 2019, this perfect state of affairs would be greeted by an unprecedented and alarming prospect – the outbreak of Coronavirus in China. By the spring of 2020, the virus would speed its way across much of the inhabited planet, leaving only Antarctica unscathed. Governments around the world would enforce strict lockdowns and quarantine measures to stem the spread of infection. Social distancing would become the new norm, requiring people to maintain 4-6 feet of gap between each other... DEMO POST



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